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Our Mission:

It is the mission of Pacific Cyber Solutions to help propel business growth, development and success to our clients by offering cybersecurity solutions that will protect valuable company assets from threats and attacks that plague the cyberworld today.

Cybersecurity is a complex matter, which is why Pacific Cyber Solutions is here to help.

We are a leader in the cybersecurity industry, assisting clients in managing risks effectively and implementing programs that will help them achieve their business goals. Our scalable programs are created based on the unique circumstances surrounding our clients’ business operations.

Our team of dedicated IT and cybersecurity experts gives you peace of mind, knowing that your information systems are secured and safeguarded at all times.

Our Core Values:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

We at Pacific Cyber Solutions support complex projects that modernize the information technology and business processes for private and public sector organizations, helping them effectively ward off threats.

Pacific Cyber Solutions is here to help clients develop scalable programs that improve their Cybersecurity posture, achieve their business objectives, and fuel their continued success.

Cyber Risk Solutions

PCS is unmatched when it comes to integrating and automating all eight critical IT components, namely: Risk Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Vendor Management, Incident Response Management, Vulnerability Management, and Policy Management.

We are well aware of the risks various industries are facing these days and, as such, provide the level of leadership, advice, staffing support, and technical skills security leaders can trust and rely on.


  • Our goal at PCS is the success of our clients.
  • We work with our clients to ensure their initiatives and requirements are addressed with comprehensive solutions.
  • We believe that qualified personnel and a dedicated team focused on the clients’ goals is a successful and winning combination that embodies our CORE VALUES—Transparency, Accountability, and Integrity.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to manage the task at hand at the highest level and believe that our relentless focus using the brightest people is instrumental to our clients’ success. These attributes are the primary reason PCS provides solutions on time and within budget under a variety of contract requirements regardless of size.


We support our clients in implementing secure computing and network environments. We also help in complying with both mandatory and applicable industry standards.


Given the complicated nature of this particular business aspect, it is not easy to ensure no risk at all. However, the risk of security breaches can be reduced significantly. We take a holistic approach to cybercrime and risk management. This brings us to involving different experts, like legal counsel, insurance professionals, accountants, and law enforcement, for every project. Such a comprehensive approach allows us to provide you the peace of mind you need when it comes to the security of your information systems.

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